Thy Will Be Done

For my Father, the King of kings (A small prayer to a Great God):

I am once more overwhelmed by the pure beauty of Your Majesty. How can I not be? The earth, to You, is but a footstool; yet you hear my every cry and the desires that pour endlessly forthwith from the very depth of my soul!

How my heart is overjoyed by Your mercy; how great it is that Your love – never-ending; relentless; patient; unconditional and all-consuming – washes over me, like a tide.

Like the ocean, Your love runs deeper; wider; stretching far further than the horizon, and I stand in Your presence completely in awe; falling to my knees; arms open wide; eyes closed; heart open, in unadulterated surrender.

How my spirit longs for more of you; how my body aches for Your presence – to know and encounter You in a deeper way. You, oh Lord, my Rock and my Redeemer; my Saving Grace, so undeserved – You and You alone – are my greatest love and my life; my anchor amidst the waves; my hope ’till end of days!

I continue to offer up my life in simple surrender – a token of gratitude so poor in exchange for all You have given me.

There is much in my life I fail to see and more I fail to understand. I know You know the dreams and plans and hopes that You have placed on my heart. I know You are busy at work in my life, setting things in place for the future You are leading me towards; bringing healing and restoration; gently taking me by the hand and pulling me into the fullness of a life lived in You, towards Your will and the life You have planned for me.

You see me, Lord; You hear my anxious thoughts. This I know. I know, also, that a life placed in Your hands and care, entrusted to Your will, is infinitely better than any I could dream up or plan for myself. So, though I am often unsure and afraid; failing to see where You lead, I will keep looking to You.

I choose to trust You with all that I am. I give You all of me.

Through it all, Father, I pray that Your will be done in my life. Nothing more; nothing less.

Thy Will Be Done.

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