A Faithful Father

I find it funny that I’m still surprised when God starts answering my prayers… I’m not sure about you, but I often feel like I’m in-between what God is doing: I know He has worked in my life and I know He has a future and a purpose planned for me, but I often feel in-between this spectrum; stuck between a life lived in the fullness of who Jesus is and my identity in Him and total uncertainty about where it is He wants me to be; stuck with a number of unanswered prayers. Yet, while I sit uncertain and confused, over-thinking and under-praying, God remains faithful through it all!

This week, an old friend of mine, who has been wrestling with an attachment to someone, phoned me to tell me that she was going to face her fears and confront her ex-boyfriend about their relationship.

We had gone for coffee a number of months back and God had given me a hard word and a beautiful promise for her; tired of her situation and longing for change, she had patiently heard me out and seemed to really want to take hold of what God had spoken into her life and situation.

For a while, I’d not heard anything from her and just prayed; not wanting her to feel pressured into making a change but rather for her to work through all she needed to with God before taking a bold step out of her comfort zone.

There had been a beautiful image that the Lord gave me, when I met with her, which was Him holding out His hand to her and asking her to dance. The only way she could take His hand though, was to let go of the life she was holding onto. He knew (and knows) what she needed and how desperately she needed Him. God was offering her freedom; asking her to let go of all that she so desperately clung to and to take His hand instead.

It took some time and, like a gentleman, He waited. He waited for her mind to shift and her heart to turn to Him and then, when He knew she was ready, in a delicate and lovingly faithful way, God whispered “It’s time.” Suddenly, the truth that was spoken into her life clicked and seemed to fall into place and, as it did, she made the decision to face her past head on and let go of a possible future in order to grasp the fullness of all that God was offering her.

From living a life in bewilderment and uncertainty, not wanting to let go of the past or face the torment of an unfavourable future, to trusting that, no matter the outcome of the confrontation, God had her in and through this; she decided to place her faith and her hope in God, her true protector and provider and leave her future in His hands.

How faithful is our Heavenly Father! He never leaves us stuck in the messiness and closed away in the dark, but is faithful to restore us into His love and guide us back into the light. He hears our cries and our prayers.

“For the Lord is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.”

(PSALM 100:5)

I often find myself – much like my friend – clinging to things in my own life, wanting and hoping to work it out all out by myself; wrestling with thoughts of an unknown and seemingly uncertain future. I tend to overthink and replay conversations over and over again in my mind, sometimes even creating possible, though unlikely, future scenarios… and then stressing about them! Yet still, God remains faithful.

Despite how I feel in the midst of uncertainty; despite my past, my insecurities, my failings, my doubts and confusion, He still has a plan and continues to hold out His hand to me – to each of us – ready and willing to lead us into the fullness of a life lived in Him.

“Praise the Lord, all you nations; extol him, all you peoples. For great is his love toward us, and the faithfulness of the Lord endures forever.”

(PSALM 117)

God will be faithful to lead us, when the time is right, to wherever it is that He wants us. How wonderful it is to know that our unknown futures rest in the hands of a known God!

He is always faithful.

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