the call.

the call. (original voice note) / lyric video

free for download here: The Call (original voice note) – Rachel Anne Irving

For the One who called me and Whom my soul loves, with all that I am: This was Your call and I am deeply moved that You would so love me. These words were always Yours. My Jesus, may Your Name be glorified through every breath, every heart and in every moment. Thank you for calling me. I love you.

And for all those He calls, for such a time as this: that you may walk upon the waves and know the One who calls you by name, for you are His. Amen.

the call / written + recorded, 16.5.19; original voice note.


I’ll come away with you

To the Higher Place

Where I am Yours

And You are mine

And that’s enough

Leaving it all behind

Casting my nets to the side;

I’ll run away with you, My King,

My Everything

My Everything, My Everything

You say ‘come’ and I will go

Into the depths of the unknown

You call me chosen

You call me out upon the waves,

Knowing You’ll have to come and save me

Still You call me

Your Love a tapestry of grace

Weaving within my brokenness

Oh, how You know me

As You walk out upon the waves

Your arms outstretched towards my faith (face)

Here You call me

Oh, Jesus My Jesus,

My Jesus,

I will come,

I will come

Even if, even if, even if –

I will come.


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