I am but a grain of sand that covers the shore, tossed with the tide and hidden where few would think to look; a far-off star in the vast expanse of the Heavens – not brighter than those which would catch the eye of the onlooker; not a diamond or part of some well-loved constellation. No, I am merely woven into the tapestry; a colour of a thread, quite seemingly insignificant, though woven still, into some greater image; reflecting only the Creator’s handiwork. How very masterful it truly is.

My role, in this one life, is to do what only I was created to do: to bring glory to the Name that is above all names: The Name of Jesus Christ. My life is but an offering, created by the Creator of all things, for His purpose and glory.

My hope here, in this little corner of the web, is to radiate Him, to be a light and to share a little of my heart with the world.

This place is as much yours as it is mine. I hope you are both encouraged and inspired, as you journey with me.

Until we meet, in the pages and pixels and colours and words.